Recent updates and improvements to Docflow.

Nov 21, 2022


More control over hidden elements display

This must be familiar to you: The moment the numbering of clauses in a document is off because of the conditional logic you set up in the template. Fortunately, the good news is that you will have more control over it!

Please go to the settings of your template and toggle the ‘Show hidden elements’ property to ‘On’. This will provide your document writers and readers with a clear indication that certain blocks do not appear in the document.


Improved look of the Block history

We are happy to announce that comparing versions in the block history just got an upgrade.

Tables, smart fields, images, links, and other content types now have a much more detailed and refined look.

Nov 7, 2022


No more manually locating missing items before completing a document

Click on the yellow counter in the document navigation bar to see a list of everything that requires action: be it a block or attachment that isn't approved or a smart-field that isn't filled in.

Next, click on an item in the dropdown to go straight to the block that needs to be finalized.