Design + Structure + Write + Approve + Publish

Better documents in less time

Design a writing process that works for your organisation, unleash the power of smart templates and collaborate easier on (large) documents.

How Docflow can help you

Work smarter

Stop wasting time on tedious writing procedures with never ending revisions.

Easily design workflows yourself that suit your style and way-of working.

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Deliver better results

Increase compliance and reduce the amount of errors that sneak into your documents.

Build and re-use templates so you can update hundreds of documents at once.

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Boost collaboration

Eliminate misinterpreted feedback and frustrations among team members.

Work real-time, together on the latest version and comment directly in every document.

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How it works

Create the foundation of your documents in live templates and update hundreds of documents at the same time.

Determine which steps are necessary for the creation of all your (complex) documents.

Use static and editable blocks and automatically add information with placeholders and connected data sources.

Get approval from the right users and sign contracts with a digital signature.

Publish documens online for all devices and use internal linking to increase the searchability of large documents.

What our clients say

“The biggest advantage for us is that we can always work on the latest version of a document, online and together. It’s also great that everyone can see the comments.”

Veronica Bruijns
Policy advisor

“More and more of our departments and faculties choose to work with this software. Enough said, in my opinion.”

Mo van Dijk
Policy officer

“All our lead authors are very positive about the software. As a central coordinator, I really enjoy working with it too.”

Patrick Debats
Policy advisor

“We are very satisfied with Docflow. It strongly increased efficiency in our processes and it saves lots of time for both the writers and supporting teams.”

Floor van den Boon
Education Advisor

We’ve got you covered

Data Security

We have a backup retention of 30 days and create daily backups to ensure your data never gets lost.

Privacy first

Our software complies with the GDPR regulation of the European Union.

Ease of use

Our software works intuitive and you require minimal training. There’a also a support library filled with (video) training material.

Cloud based scalability

Access our software from anywhere at any time, always with high speed thanks to automatic scalability.

Single Sign On

There’s no need to create an account. We can connect our software to Single Sign On (SSO) services.

Green Servers

We make use of AWS servers that strive to build an infrastructure based on 100% renewable energy.

Time to work smarter?

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