Optimize document delivery from A to Z

Discover what our software can do for you by diving into the features.

Work smarter

Stop wasting time on tedious writing procedures with never ending revisions.

Easily design workflows

Determine which steps are necessary for the creation of all your (complex) documents.

Clear document status

Track your team’s progress with a dashboard and keep an eye on the important documents.

Clean folder structure

Maintain an overview of all documents with distinctive folders and find documents in a matter of seconds.

Fast import of content

Retrieve text and images including their structure directly from other tools, like Microsoft Word and Sharepoint.

Streamlined data connections

Integrate data from your organisation by connecting your data sources with our API implementation.

Deliver better results

Increase compliance and reduce the amount of errors that sneak into your documents.

Edit directly via live templates

Create the foundation of your documents in live templates and update hundreds of documents at the same time.

Clever writing with blocks

Use static and editable blocks and automatically add information with placeholders and connected data sources.

Full insight into changes

Stay in the loop for changes on every document thanks to a clickable archive that includes a history of all activity.

Independent document styling

Add and change colors, logos and other layout preferences with a preview mode, so you can evaluate the result instantly.

Generate rich concepts + PDFs

Download definitive versions and concept documents with highlighted content blocks that are still work in progress.

Boost collaboration

Eliminate misinterpreted feedback and frustrations among team members.

Consistently work in real-time versions

Work online and collaborate on the latest version so your documents are constantly up-to-date with the latest adjustments.

Personalised user roles

Define the access rights for every user so you can ensure clarity on roles and responsibility throughout your organisation.

Active comments per document

Send automated emails notifications by tagging other users with questions and remarks next to each content block.

Comprehensive approval process

Get approval from the right users and sign contracts with a digital signature.

Online publications of documents

Publish documents online for all devices and use internal linking to increase the searchability of large documents.

Time to work smarter?

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