Jan: Our New Business Development Manager

Docflow appointed Jan Gooszen (32) as business development manager of the education market. With his large network in higher education, Jan will work on expanding the customer portfolio in the sector. Additionally, he will search for new use-cases and, together with the product team, ensure that the Docflow roadmap is always aligned with customer needs. The aim is to create value by building the best support for the creation and management of educational documents.

Introducing Jan:

After studying information management at the Vrije Universiteit, Jan started his career as a business developer for FeedbackFruits. FeedbackFruits is an Edtech scale-up that offers a complete tool suite to organize engaging courses in higher education. At FeedbackFruits, Jan acquired insights into the education market, scale-up mechanisms, and business development best practices. At his next employer 2at, Jan broadened his experience by guiding digital transformation in the education sector as a customer success manager. Moreover, Jan learned that introducing new technology should never be an end in itself. Successful innovation requires the alignment of technology with the processes and expertise of people. 

Jan believes that Docflow can greatly reduce administrative loads and stress levels of university staff. Valuable time that is saved can be spent on solving other pressing challenges in education. He is looking forward to exploring new use-cases and establishing long-term partnerships with universities. 

We asked Jan a few questions

What gives you energy in your day-to-day work and/or life?

Ask anyone what they love most about work and in most cases, the first thing they mention is ‘the people’. We spend a massive proportion of our life at work and we’re with our teammates far more than our loved ones, so having fun and working towards a common goal with my colleagues is fairly important. Additionally, I get energy from customers who see the potential in our solution. I also get artificial energy from the bottles of Club Mate I drink. At last, I would say ‘music’, there is not a single day going by that I do not listen to music for at least a few hours.

As a team member, what do you bring to the table that benefits Docflow?

Experience with business development in fast-growing scale-ups and knowledge about higher education processes. On the Vrimibo Friday drinks, I might play some good old tunes.

What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) for your personal life?

To establish a philanthropic initiative before retirement.

As a team member, what is your goal for Docflow in the upcoming 365 days?

To help Docflow become the market leader in Dutch Higher Education within 3-4 years. Currently, we work together with nine higher education institutes. I am convinced that the issues encountered by institutions are quite similar across the sector. I, therefore, believe that it is a realistic objective to increase the number of happy customers from 9 to at least 25 within four years.

What new skills did you learn during the pandemic?

Attempting to kitesurf, not there yet 😉

Jan, Business Development

Founder Tim Stuart about Jan:

We are excited about our new colleague Jan joining our Docflow team. After a great career at FeedbackFruits and 2AT he started last week as our business developer education. We hope that the entire educational community in the Netherlands will become familiar with the problem that Docflow solves. 

The mission is to optimize document collaboration. It is all about reducing stress and administrative tasks while ensuring high quality documents, contracts and reports.

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