Christine: our new Chief of Staff

Christine is our newest member of the team as Chief of staff! Christine is a young self-made entrepreneur in the sector of Education and gets excited about searching for new business opportunities and taking on challenges with teams of newly established businesses.

If it isn’t a challenge, it ain’t gonna be fun.

Christine’s motto
Christine, Chief of Staff

Besides her passion for start-ups, the most important thing to Christine in her work is “social value”. Her heart doesn’t solely rest with her colleagues in the office, but also with the stakeholders outside of the organisation. As she continuously seeks to make an impact at micro- and macro-level, we believe her inspirations perfectly fit into the mission of Docflow!

With a bachelor in Medicine and master in Strategy, Christine will combine her keen interest in psychology with her entrepreneurial drive to put the right people in the right places and accelerate Docflow to the next stage! 

Let’s welcome Christine to our team as she takes on this new opportunity at Docflow!

We are always looking for talent!

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